What to Read in Salah – Lesson 1

The Arabic Alphabet

Lesson Notes

Arabic Alphabet with vowels

Ruling on what new Muslims can read initially:

The prayer (salah) MUST be recited in Arabic. The benefit and reasoning for allowing prayer to be conducted in only one language is obvious. This means that wherever in the world you are, the prayer is the same. There is no language equal in depth of meaning or eloquence.

Without a doubt learning just the basics of what to read can be a very daunting task for any new Muslim. Hence the scholars have ruled the following:

“If you have not yet learned some Qur’aan aya’t or what to read in the various positions in them, then what is required from you for the time being is to say:

  1. In the beginning of the prayer and between each movement between positions “Allahu Akbar” (meaning: Allah is Greater).
  2. While standing, bowing, prostrating, and sitting, you should say “Subhaan allah wal-hamdu lillaah wa-laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar.” (meaning: Glory be to Allah, and praise and thanks be to Allah, and there is no god but Allah, and Allah is the most Exalted and Great.)
  3. Then conclude the prayer by turning your head to the right then left, each time saying “As-salaamu alaykum.” (meaning: Peace be upon you).

This way of performing prayer is permissible for you until you can learn and memorize what should be said in each movement and position of the prayer”.

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